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Nike FREE series of new Nike running shoes

 Recently, Nike's official website launched a new FREE series of running shoes. Xiao Bian also the first time to sort this out, following up to understand this new Nike running shoes it:
1, nike headquarters of the launch of this FREE series of running shoes, has a reflective design is still clearly visible under low light conditions. In addition, the relatively thin Phylite midsole foot gives better flexibility, not only hardwearing, but also significantly reduces the overall weight of the shoe body. In the bottom of the transverse and longitudinal grooves enhance flexibility, while helping to maintain stability.
2, located tarsal oblique cutting throughout the arch area to help exercise the flexibility of pace and strength. Shaping insole modeling simple, mimicking the curvature of the feet, extremely fit foot, enhancing comfort and increased support force.
3, located in the high wear areas of carbon rubber improves durability. In the toe area of the hard rubber block enhances durability and grip.
4, waffle outsole structure to enhance grip and abrasion resistance, while allowing more precise toe-off action.
 Nike's official website for the launch of this Nike running shoes Xiaobian personal feeling concerned, very suitable for the upcoming summer of use, and even met this nike running shoes, they have a fresh feeling heart beat rises. Therefore, i suggest that customers and friends, do not miss this summer small fresh oh.